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Aman Singh

Co-founder | CEO

With 24 years of experience in Retail and Tech businesses under his belt, Aman has spent the last 17 years consulting well-known Australian food brands including Lion Nathan Ltd, Fonterra and Nestle. Hailing from Punjab, Aman has a natural passion for growing food with a wholesome heart and developing customer-focused food products using organic farming practices that lead to elevated health and happiness for all. He strongly believes that good health and wellbeing should be the norm, and not the exception. With Novus Organics, he is working day in and day out to develop and introduce top-notch boutique premium products to the market and is also sourcing ways to raise awareness for our customers, supplies and communities.

Ash Singh

Co-Founder | Operations Director (Australia | India)

Ash has 8+ years of experience driving transformation projects to fruition. He is driven by well-being, happiness and good health of his family and community, and hence he is deeply passionate about Novus Organics products that allow for all customers to access premium quality products and confidently enhance the quality of their lives. He has spent considerable time visiting various parts of Australia, UK, Asia and India to grow his understanding of the role food plays in people’s lives, culture and tradition, and how food can be a blessing, a medicine in itself for self-healing and at the same time, with the modern lifestyle and food served by the industry, how it can contribute to ill health in people. Ash spent 2 years growing his awareness of global as well as local developments on a variety of things related to the food industry. With Novus Organics, Ash hopes to achieve the fulfilment of bringing incredibly good quality products to customers.

Nisha Sharma


With 18 years of experience taking businesses from infancy to full growth, Nisha has in-depth experience of being a trusted advisor for making long-term decisions that build fortitude. With a background working alongside global giants like PWC and KPMG, Nisha is an astute advisor for company finances along with running a dependable, fool-proof operation.

Sourav Chaudhary

Chief Strategy | Marketing Officer (Indian Operation)

An industry expert in FMCG with 32 years of deep experience in serving the Indian market, Sourav has worked for Nestle, Brenntag & McCormick during this time. In these 32 years, Sourav launched hundreds of food products that went on to become an integral part of the food identity of India and household names every Indian enjoyed. A much beloved member of the community, who is very passionate about building resilience in people by connecting with them on a level he understands the best – food. Novus Organics and its promise of quality have ensured Sourav that he can be a catalyst of change and transformation in people’s lives. Sourav is an IIM Ahmedabad Alumnus and an ardent Sales and Marketing expert who works passionately for his partners, suppliers and end customers.